# Introduction

ERC20 token contract standard: This standard specifies the functions and event records that the Ethereum token contract needs to implement, that is, a set of api standards, and a set of standard interfaces for the Ethereum token contract, enabling a wide variety of tokens It can be compatible with more DAPPs and exchanges. These include interfaces such as token name, token symbol, decimal point, total supply, balance, transfer, transfer from others, allowable value, events, etc. The following describes the steps to create ERC20 tokens in GateChain.

# How to do

# Issue Token

  1. Go to Hipo website,Click "More--Issue Token" module.

  2. Enter the "Issue Token" page and select GateChain network to connect Hipo to your wallet.

  3. Enter the token name, token symbol and other information on the issue token page.

  4. click "Issue Token",and you will be directed to wallet to confirm.

  5. After the issue is successful, the metamask wallet will pop up with a page prompt: Add Suggested Token.

  6. click "Add Token",You can see your own erc20 token in your wallet~

Last Updated: 1/14/2022, 11:23:30 AM