# About Remix

Remix is an open sourced Solidity IDE that's used to write, compile and debug contracts. Solidity is the programming language designed for developing smart contracts on Ethereum.

# Prerequisite

  1. Your MetaMask wallet needs to be configured with the GateChain network in advance,If not already configured, please refer to this document: Connect GateChain network
  2. After the gatechain network is configured, your wallet account needs to hold GT balance to pay transaction handling fees. The following is how to obtain GT Tokens:
    • Transfer to metamask wallet account through gatechain mainnet gt account.
      • Initiate transfer transaction: CLIRPC
    • Through gate.io withdraw to metamask wallet account Please select "GateChain/GRC20" instead of "ETH/ERC20".

# Create Contract

1.Open remix website(Click to enter), click “New File” to create a XXX.sol file.

2.Click the file you created, and start to write your own smart contract code.

3.Once the development is completed, start compiling smart contract.

# Deploy and Interact with Smart Contract

1.Once compilation is completed, start deploying the smart contract.

2.Click“Deploy” to start to deploy the smart contract. Jump to MetaMask to connect to your account

(Make sure MetaMask network is on GateChain)

3.Open the deployed contract and you can choose a functionality to interact with MetaMask!

4.Query details about contract interaction on the gatechain block explorer.

Block explorer:Click to enter

Example of mint transactions for ERC-721: Click to enter

Last Updated: 1/14/2022, 11:23:30 AM