# Build GateChain Node

# Install Node

# Method 1: Use a script to install

  • Important: Make sure "wget" installed already

The installation script ("install.sh") is maintained at Github, which is responsible for configuring gatechain binary files:

  • The binary files is located at "/usr/local/bin"(i.e:"gated" "gatecli") by default
# One-click Installation
sh <(wget -qO- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gatechain/node-binary/master/node/install.sh)
  • Note:When installed in this way, the node can be started directly.

# Method 2: Install with Custom Configurations

We use the github repository to store all the historical binaries of the node.

  • Install Git LFS

    Git LFS is an extension that manages large files in Git. git-lfs and install.

  • Clone the project

    git lfs clone https://github.com/gatechain/node-binary.git
  • Choose the latest version of the binary

    cd node-binary/node/{network}/{version}/{os_type}
  • Copy the binary files (i.e: "gated" "gatecli") to "/usr/local/bin"

    cp gated gatecli /usr/local/bin

# Configurations

Create a root directory $GATEHOME (or ~/.gated) for GateChain node files. This directory is used by default when the node starts. You can also customize the node's root directory by adding -h $GATEHOME after the node start command.

mkdir ~/.gated

# Configure to join Mainnet or testnet

Copy "config.json" and "genesis.json" from "node-binary/node/{network}/{version}/config/" to "$GATEHOME/"

# Start Node

gated start

# Start gc

  • To start GC, you need to modify the startup mode and add parameters
gated start modify to  gated start  --pruning nothing

# Start evm rpc

gatecli evm rest-server --gm-websocket-port --chain-id mainnet --laddr tcp:// --rpc-api web3,eth,personal,net,debug

  • If you need support evm rpc,needs to modify config.json The following attributes:
    • "WsPort": "tcp://"
    • "IsWebSocketServerActive":true
    • Save and restart gated

# Create Account

# Definitions

Normal Account:Like a standard bitcoin wallet, suitable for daily use. Assets in this type of account can be sent instantly and transactions are irreversible once confirmed on-chain. Lost private key can not be restored.

Vault Account:A new type of account that features revocable transactions. Assets in this type of account are transferred after a preset delay. Suitable for storage and safekeeping funds not for immediate use.

EVM Account:Bear similarities in usage, format, and safety with EVM on Ethereum. EVM account can transfer tokens to a vault account on GateChain and therefore to have the revocable transaction and clearing features unique to a Vault Account.


1.Create a Normal Account

Command:gatecli account create [name]
Example:gatecli account create testaccount

2.Create a Vault Account

Command:gatecli vault-account create [Base Account] [retrieval  account] [Delay Height] [Clearing Height] [Transfer amount] --from [Sender Account] --fees [Transaction Fees ] --chain-id [Chain ID]
Example:gatecli vault-account create gt11dsck7f7txdc7hz5wdsspey0w5eyhw7yj4xrc3a6r4w4t39z9k45r86htlzxjf6z57an2r7 gt11dsck7f7txdc7hz5wdsspey0w5eyhw7yj4xrc3a6r4w4t39z9k45r86htlzxjf6z57a3457 38 300 30NANOGT --from gt11dsck7f7txdc7hz5wdsspey0w5eyhw7yj4xrc3a6r4w4t39z9k45r86htlzxjf6z57a3457 --fees 100000NANOGT --chain-id testnet


  • Use a new account as a base account to send a create vault account transaction.
  • If the account received a standard transaction first, then the account becomes a normal account and can't send creat vault account transaction any longer.
  • Clearing height must be higher than(Current height+delay blocks)

3.Create EVM Account

Command:gatecli account eth-create [name]
Example:gatecli account eth-create testevmaccount

4.Export EVM Account

Command:gatecli account unsafe-export-eth-key [name]
Example:gatecli account unsafe-export-eth-key testevmaccount

  • Note:Importing an EVM account is not allowed yet

# Account Query

Command:gatecli account show [Account address]

Example:gatecli account show gt11dsck7f7txdc7hz5wdsspey0w5eyhw7yj4xrc3a6r4w4t39z9k45r86htlzxjf6z57a3457

# Transfer

Command:gatecli tx send [Recipient Account] [Transaction Amount ] --from [Sender Account] --fees [Transaction Fees ] --chain-id [Chain ID]

Example:gatecli tx send 0x37866a250B4B182DB235A88Cdc94004eF08c12C4 10NANOGT --from gt11dsck7f7txdc7hz5wdsspey0w5eyhw7yj4xrc3a6r4w4t39z9k45r86htlzxjf6z57a3457 --fees 100000NANOGT --chain-id testnet


  • You can use this command to transfer between standard account and EVM account
  • A Vault Account can not initiate a revocable transaction to an EVM account
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