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Command Line Interface(CLI)

All transaction related commands (non-query command) will incur a certain amount of fees. You can use--gas-prices or--fees to add fees for transaction

Any asset amount in command is converted to Integer of the Value by multiplying 10E18. Asset amount supports scientific notation, e.g.10E9 NanoGT stands for 1.0GT

Start a Local RPC Service

gatecli rest-server


  • When RPC service starts, command line can not be executed due to storage lock.

Status API

gatecli status


  • Query a local node service status

Version Number

gatecli version


  • Query version information of the command line


gatecli [Help1] [Help2] [Help3]... --help


  • For more about how to operation with command line, visit help


Must specify these options: --chain-id  when --trust-node is false

If trust this node, please enter '--trust-node=true',Otherwise enter'--chain-id'to solve the above error.