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The document provides interfaces to build transactions, in which request parameter must set a transaction fee greater than 0NANOGT.

Any asset amount in command is converted to Integer of the Value by multiplying 10E18. Asset amount supports scientific notation, e.g.10E9 NanoGT stands for 1GT.

Query A Node Status command line

GET /v1/status  
Return example:
    "node_status": {
        "lastHeight": "996",//the current height
        "lastConsensusVersion": "v1",//the current consensus version number
        "nextConsensusVersion": "v1",//version number of the next block consensus 
        "nextConsensusVersionRound": "997",//height  of the next consensus version
        "nextConsensusVersionSupported": true, //if support upgrading
        "timeSinceLastRound": "16",//time since the latest block is generated
        "catchupTime": "0",//time  spent to download block by this node
        "hasSyncedSinceStartup": false, //if have finished a round of consensus since startup?
        "step": "2", //step
        "period": "0", //phase
        "zeroTimeStamp": "2020-06-11T06:38:29.626739Z", //When  the  current step begins
        "deadline": "43", // time to timeout
        "fastRecoveryDeadline": "597", //timeout of quick recovery mode
        "minimumTxFee": "10" //the lowest fee required for packaging data by the current node
    "application_version": {
        "name": "gate", //applicatoin name
        "server_name": "gated", //progress name
        "client_name": "gatecli", //client name
        "version": "0.9.0-236-g2531c037", //version number
        "commit": "2531c037c6d1324288f4609ca201c8429029243f", //submit information
        "build_tags": "netgo,ledger", //build tag
        "go": "go version go1.13.7 darwin/amd64" //golang version