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Connect to Truffle

Build a dev environment

Before you start, make sure the environment meet the following requirements:

  • Node.js v8.9.4 or higher
  • Windows,Linux,or Mac OS X

Create a project

  1. Create a project and enter the following command in the terminal:
    mkdir testproject
  2. Initialize the project, and enter the following command in the terminal:
    cd testproject
    truffle init
    Once completed, you will get a project structure like below:
    contracts/:Truffle default contract files directory
    migrations /:deployment scripts files directory
    test /:contract or application test files directory
    truffle-config.js:Truffle config files.
  3. contracts write your own contract under this directory.

Compile and deploy a project

  1. To compile a Truffle project, please go to the root directory of the project and enter the following command in the terminal:
    truffle compile
  2. To configure GateChain network, please go to “truffle-config.js” file.
    const HDWalletProvider = require('truffle-hdwallet-provider');
    const fs = require('fs');
    const mnemonic = fs.readFileSync(".secret").toString().trim();
        module.exports = {
          networks: {
            GateChain: {
              provider: () => new HDWalletProvider(mnemonic, ``),
              network_id: 86,
              confirmations: 10,
              timeoutBlocks: 200,
              skipDryRun: true
          mocha: {
            timeout: 100000 // prevents tests from failing when pc is under heavy load
          compilers: {
            solc: {

    Please note:the mnemonic phrase for MetaMask account is required. Please fetch the mnemonic phrase from the deployed account, method:MetaMask-Setup-Security and Privacy,create a new .secret file from the root directory and enter the mnemonic phrase to start

  3. Deploy the project, and enter the following command in the terminal:
    truffle migrate --network GateChain
  4. Contract will be deployed in GateChain network, as below:
    Compiling your contracts...
    > Everything is up to date, there is nothing to compile.

    Starting migrations...
    > Network name:    'GateChain'
    > Network id:      86
    > Block gas limit: 4294967295 (0xffffffff)

        Replacing 'Migrations'
        > transaction hash:    0x2eaa10bd0a8cdd55022fd6a16372659a5fd52151b216a82d07f397c1c91642fe
        > Blocks: 0            Seconds: 4
        > contract address:    0x871e6B5eEaC4d69E33880cac1997F1374302eddC
        > block number:        98767
        > block timestamp:     1614756393
        > account:             0x06ae7981a16379fD627a879Ec017AaDFaa4BEf59
        > balance:             260.04901
        > gas used:            128511 (0x1f5ff)
        > gas price:           10000 gwei
        > value sent:          0 ETH
        > total cost:          1.28511 ETH

    > Total deployments:   1
    > Final cost:          1.28511 ETH

Please note, the above are examples only for helping you have a better understanding about the structure.