• Full Node: Anyone can build a full node and participate in the consensus mechanism or run his own network. A full node has all of GateChain's functions. For detailed installation instructions visit Install and Deploy.
    • Connect: A full node can connect to the public mainnet (using the same network version))to monitor and broadcast transactions, update blocks and other network tasks in real time.
    • CLI:Client programs which can interact with GateChain using the command line interface are also provided. Many operations can be performed on your onchain account using a command line interface, including account management, transaction management, and asset management. In addition, simple onchain inquiries can be made rearding account balance and transaction details. For more details visit Command Line Interface Reference.
    • API:GateChain Nodes support advanced REST API interface services, for more details visit REST API List.
Last Updated: 1/14/2022, 11:23:30 AM