# Academic Research

The major innovation of GateChain is that it put forward and implemented an on-chain “Vault Account” . This type of account has safety features allowing for revocable transaction and damaged private key restoration, thus providing a novel blockchain safety solution to individuals, enterprises and asset sensitive banks. Research shows that by linearly adding the revocable delay time or cascaded vault accounts, the safety performance increases exponentially. In practice, Vault Account essentially solves the safety problems in on-chain trading and management for individuals and banks.

# Research Papers

GateChain currently have 2 completed research papers and 1 in progress paper. All the papers will be available to view when they are published. Stay tuned.

Blockchain That Support Revocable Transaction Model

# Mainnet Architecture

At its early stage, GateChain mainnet implemented its Vault Account model based on a UTXO underlying architecture and finished prototype verification. The work has been adopted in the industry and formed a research paper “Research and Study of Vault Account based on UTXO Model”(Pending publishing).

Later, to support better compatibility in cross-chain ecosystem, Gatechain migrated to a blockchain underlying architecture built on top of Tendermint. The new architecture leverages account models directly. With innovation on upper protocols, it focuses on implementing Vault Account allowing for revocable transaction and clearing features. It has also developed the DEX settlement features. In the application layer, the new architecture supports standard interfaces that can meet various demands from upper layer applications and it also offers offline account generation and transaction singing libraries using SDK, providing convenient developer tools for third-party ecosystem applications development.

Last Updated: 1/14/2022, 11:23:30 AM