Vault Account that features revoking assets that have been being stolen,When a user creates an Vault account,Decide the delay time of the transaction(calculated in blocks),The transaction created by the Vault Account is revocable. Users are able to initiate a "Revoke" request within the Revocable Delay Period.

Together with the features of management of Multisig Account management, assets transfer , and the backup recovery of private keys, GateChain has achieved almost 100% asset security. The usage of cold wallet and hardware wallet further consolidates the safety issues, offering a bank-level asset security storage scheme.

# Create a Vault Account

Vault Account:A new type of account that features revocable transactions. Assets in this type of account are transferred after a preset delay. Suitable for storage and safekeeping of funds not ment for immediate use.Create a Vault Account

# Revocable Delay Period

Revocable Delay Period:The time period during which a transaction from a vault account is revocable. During this period (calculated in blocks), recovery of funds is possible by initiating a "revoke" request and have the funds sent to the “Retrieval Account’.Revoke

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